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For Dashell and TLWH (surprise!). I could make a speech of why their first time was the best first time I’ve ever read.But since I suck at describing anything using words, I tried to describe it by drawing.I hope my hasty drawings were able to capture even a tiniest bit of that moment.

For Dashell and TLWH (surprise!).
I could make a speech of why their first time was the best first time I’ve ever read.But since I suck at describing anything using words, I tried to describe it by drawing.
I hope my hasty drawings were able to capture even a tiniest bit of that moment.

I love Sakura’s badass-moments~ \>3<//

I love Sakura’s badass-moments~ \>3<//

serielleofficial said: Some people just need a rasengan to the face -le sigh- Jealous is such an ugly ugly thing! Jasu - your art is GORGEOUS. Its the most BEAUTIFUL thing I’ve ever seen and just to piss this asshole off, please live forever :)

-You can be sure I’ll do everything I can to show the haters that I simply don’t care.

Because, seriously, I don’t caaaaare.

*sings Pewdie’s song*

Haters gonna hate,
I laugh cuz you skate,
this is not my fate,
because I ate,
your mama’s — oh, what the hell?
what the hell?
what the hell?

I love that song btw, now everyone go listen to it and have a beautiful day:

Jasu you are PERFECTION and I LOVE YOU and ARGGGGGGG please please please PLEASE do more sketches of The Long Way Home you are my favourite NaruSasuNaru artist EVAAAA!!!!

I actually just made some more….it’s porn but I guess that’s something that many of you enjoy, I think I’ll be posting it later today or tomorrow. n_n

your fucking disgusting and your art is the most ugliest thing i have ever seen. go kill yourself, you ugly piece of shit.



Hey there! Recently I hit 2000 followers and I thought I’d make this here Follow Forever! I want to say thank you all for following me, liking and reblogging my posts and talking to me after all this time. And since I hit 2000 just a day before my blog turned two years old I just want to share all these wonderful people that I enjoy seeing on my dashboard everyday. Give these people a look, check them out, see what they have to offer and who knows, they could be very much be your next favorite blog! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

First off, I want to say thank you to these specific people who after 2 years became my best friends. You are very dear to my heart, and I love you so very much. You pulled me from a very dark time and loved me when I wasn’t too lovable. I love you with all my heart and I see you as family. Without you I’d never have become half the man I became today. Thank you so much for loving me and thank you so much for being a part of my life. I love you with all of my heart.

People who are very dear to my heart~ ♥

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I would also like to say thank you to all the people who promo'd me by reblogging my post to get here as I was desperately racing time to get to 2000 before I turned 2.

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I want to give a very special thank you to raikis for putting up with my dumb requests and making this graphic~

A little something from "The Long Way Home" once again~

can i marry your art?

Go ahead, I’ll give you my blessing.

I hope some improvement has been happening somewhere…